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Dirty South Catahoulas, LLC

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Welcome to the Dirty South!

         You may be wondering how we got our name, we are a small, family run operation on the southern end of Hillsborough County, and when it's dry it's dust, and when it rains it's mud out here on these old dirt roads.

     Many, many years ago we were in search of a versatile dog for hunting, and for guarding the homestead, it was then that we acquired our very first Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog. Since that time, our love and admiration of these dogs has only grown.  

     We offer nuisance wildlife services, and our Catahoulas, as well as our other dogs, are hard working dogs, primarily specializing in wild hog capture and removal. We only occasionally have a litter of pups available for purchase by the public. 

     We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and come back often!  


Dirty South Catahoulas, LLC

Dirty South Hog Removal, Inc.

Your West Central Florida Catahoula Connection & Hog Removal Specialist!

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